Head-Mount Your iPhone with the Optrix Case

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Hankering for some POV action shots of this winter's snowboarding exploits but can't swing a GoPro? No Problemo. Just strap your iPhone 4/S to your noggin with this.

I suppose it does makes sense, I mean the iPhone's already got a 1080p camera, slender form factor, and top-notch video editing apps. The only real problem is its large breakable screen and general lack of water resistance. The Optrix case negates this problem by ensconcing an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch in water-proof silicone and securing it with 3M industrial adhesive—which, coincidentally, also allows the device to stick to just about anything with a surface. A .5mm thick area over the keypad allows users to operate the touchscreen without having to remove the phone from its case—even when editing or playing back video. It retails for $80. [Optrix HD]