Helio Fights Apple with Official YouTube Over 3G (and the Genius of the iPhone's 2.5G/WiFi)

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Sky Dayton, who has been quoted several times in the last week in iPhone critique pieces, is officially putting a more powerful set of YouTube features on his 3g phones. Here comes the bloodbath. This is going to be complicated to explain, so sit down and listen up.


With 3G high speed networks, that's anywhere, not just where you have a Wi-Fi hotspot like on an iPhone. And it'll have video upload from the phone's camera, direct to YouTube, with two clicks. (To be Launched later.) That's by dedicated app, that'll let you rate videos and view favorites. And will include access to eBaum's World among other video sharing sites. They're charging $5.99. And Howard forums members have just reported to me that access to m.youtube.com directs them to a purchase page. So it appears no Mobile YouTube unless you pay. This isn't true.

Over the weekend, we reported a mysterious soft launch of mobile youtube (m.youtube.com), and gave you a tour on none other than a Helio Ocean (completely coincidentally). Today, that page redirects to a sign up page for the official service.

There's a workaround. Just enter "m.youtube.com/?s=srf" into your browser to get read access to YouTube on a Helio device. This is the same page that I gave you a tour of over the weekend. Granted, you don't get the upload, or other services. But you can still watch YouTube on an ocean, for as free as you can watch it on an iPhone.


I cannot believe I am muttering these words: Now it becomes evident that the move to put 2.5G EDGE and Wi-Fi in the iPhone was smart for the device. Not only does the iPhone have eight hours of talktime without battery sucking 3g, but they've got full video streaming to the handset without racking up stupendous cellular network bandwidth costs for the carriers and users. The only problem is that you need to be at an access point for the iPhone to stream video at a reasonable pace.

So how is Helio going to pay for those YouTube freeloaders when they soak up the network? I don't know, but I'm glad they're offering a workaround for the geeks, while still managing to up sell something useful with that video upload feature and more.


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RE 3G. I'm not talking from a feature standpoint. I'm talking about from a business standpoint. Just like what Helio is facing now. If they give youtube away, they are going to get killed on bandwidth, and they are goign to get killed on battery life. This is why it is Evil Genius.

I personally would prefer no WiFi, and 3G, and to keep the battery life it's quoted as. But we're on Cingular, and their HSDPA rollout is pathetic.

But yea, fuck the business standpoint, Big Swirv. I think I see your point.

PS, N95 is goign to get killed here. That phone boots up sluggish, like a Windows Mobile Phone. It's like beta ware at Best. I know, I really like that phone, too, but the level of polish between the iPhone and the N95 is a world of difference. Featurewise, the Ocean is the best combo of power and polish, but even that feels rough around the edges.