Here’s What Preparing Sashimi Doesn’t Sound Like

Raw fish is an art form, and unlike those novellas that sent me to the ER, it’s meant to be eaten. But listen closely as the video’s terrible foley ruins any appetite you were about to work up.


88rising grabbed some beautiful shots of a master chef breaking down the freshest seafood—making precise cuts to pull off two gorgeous filets and then charring off the scales with a mini-blowtorch. So why does it feel like my ear is an inch from someone eating potato chips with their mouth open? Fish doesn’t make that sound. Fish has never made that sound. Silence would have been preferable to loud_gnashing5.wav and whatever the noise is when you put a file in the trash on a Mac.

When it’s done well, foley art can bring a scene to life, and adding in these weird sound effects was clearly meant to enhance the sashimi experience. Instead all the crunching makes me concerned that people will eventually have to eat this thing.

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Aaron Davis

I don’t think that was foley. It sounds more like a microphone inside the fish.

That being said, it would make great foley for a scene in a zombie movie where someone is being ripped apart.