Here's the first official picture of the new Batmobile and it looks sick

Here it is. The real thing. Batman's next ride. We saw blurry images of what looked like the new Batmobile earlier today but it wasn't official until now. Zack Snyder, director of Batman v. Superman, just tweeted out this official image of the upcoming Batmobile and it's crazy.

This angle makes the new Batmobile look a a lot like a tank that stretches an entire block wide. It's like a cross between a military turret and a metal alien spaceship on wheels. Can you picture Batman in this thing?


Snyder, who was obviously responding to the leak of the Batmobile by putting out this official picture, also linked to the photographer, Clay Enos, who shot this picture, who said "iPhone photograph is great but some things deserve more." Yep, the new Batmobile definitely deserves more.

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