Here's All the Stuff Apple Announced Today

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Apple’s second launch event this fall brought with it few surprises, with no talk of that long-awaited Mac Pro revamp, nor an overdue update on whatever the hell is happening with AirPower. But many of the rumors did pan out today as Apple breathed new life into its outdated Mac Mini and brought Face ID to the iPad Pro. For all you skimmers out there, here’s a rundown of all the stuff Apple announced.

MacBook Air


At first glance, the new MacBook Air looks way more like a current-generation MacBook than Apple’s ancient Air. But starting at $1,200, Apple upgraded the notebook line with a retina screen, a Touch ID button, a new keyboard, USB-C ports, and modern starting specs—that is: a 1.6GHz i5-8265U Intel CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. It’s thinner and lighter and available in gold. It’ll start shipping on November 6. Update: Here’s our hands-on.

iPad Pro


Goodbye, home button. Like the rumors said, Apple tossed it out for slimmer bezels on the new iPad Pro, which also comes with Face ID and a USB-C connector. Apple added half an inch more screen to the smaller, $800 model (it’s now 11 inches) while cutting down the size of the larger, $1,000 model (same 12.9-inch screen). Also, the tablets now come with the new A12X Bionic chip and can pack in up to 1TB of storage. They’re coming out on November 7 with some updated accessories, too. Update: Here’s our hands-on.

Mac Mini


Apple’s most zombielike Mac is alive again with new guts and a higher starting price. For $800, you can get a new Mac Mini with 8GB of memory, an Intel 3.6GHz quad-core i3 processor, and 128GB of SSD storage. For far, far more, you can max out the machine with a 6-core processor, 64GB of memory, and a 2TB SSD. You can also get it in space gray now, so there’s that. It’ll be available on November 7.

Pencil 2


Tucked into all that iPad Pro news, Apple made some noteworthy changes to its stylus. You can charge new the Apple Pencil 2 wirelessly (thank god) by magnetically attaching it to the new iPad. Plus, there are tap and swipe gestures to play with now. Those gestures are customizable, depending on which apps you’re using. It’s available on November 7, along with a revamped, magnetic Smart Folio keyboard.

New MacBook Pro Graphics Option

Apple also quietly announced an upcoming Radeon Pro Vega graphics upgrade for its MacBook Pro. It’ll apparently offer “up to 60 percent faster graphics performance for the most demanding video editing, 3D design and rendering workloads,” Apple says. However, it’s reportedly only going to be available for the pricier, 15-inch model on November 14.


Updated 12:56pm ET with Apple’s Radeon Pro Vega news.