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Here's How to KoЯnify Your Website

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The golden age of KoЯn came to an end right around the time that everyone suddenly realized they need a website. But history is cyclical, and KoЯn is cool again while the website is dead. After a decade of people teaching themselves HTML or paying through the nose to put up an overdesigned web page touting their personal history or business, most people can get by with a LinkedIn and an Insta these days.

But the corpse of the personal website lives on in the automated hosting fees that many people just forgot about. Maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you see that annual hosting charge come down every year and think that you’ll do something with that outdated destination someday. Well, I’ve got a suggestion for you.


Developer David Hallberg Jönsson recently uploaded a little script that’ll KoЯnify your website for you. That is to say, every instance of the letter R will automatically flip to a reversed letter R because, in Jönsson’s summation, “Я is always cooler than R!”

Here are Jönsson’s instructions for how to make your website cool:

To add the KoЯnify script to your website, include this script tag in your HTML:

<script src=""></script>

Then you can KoЯnify at will with the following Javascript code:


For example, to add a KoЯnify button you can do:

<button onclick="kornify();">KoЯnify me!</button>

That’s it, folks. We’re on the cusp of the weekend, and weekends are for completing stupid projects. Go forth and KoЯnify the web.