Here's Our First Look At Marvel's Black Panther In Action!

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We’ve vaguely known what Black Panther was going to look like since his movie was announced—Marvel unveiled the above piece of concept art along with the news. But now we’ve got a slightly better look, direct from Captain America: Civil War’s Berlin-based filming! Come take a peek. Spoilers ahead.

The shots of filming see an incognito Bucky Barnes and Captain America scaling a building—but the real spotlight is on Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa (or, more accurately, a stunt actor in his place), who’s seen getting suited up for some wall-scaling shenanigans:


The goddamn Black Panther cares not for your concept of climbing buildings like a normal person!

Although it’s not really the best environment to get our first look at the costume in, it’s looking pretty much like the concept image, but with whiter claw pieces on Black Panther’s gauntlets and around his collar. There even appears to be some more noticeable detailing on his mask to boot—but yup, that sure as hell is Black Panther.


Given the nature of the reveal—and considering how Marvel has reacted to things getting into the public hands ahead of time in the past—we just might end up seeing a more official suit reveal from Marvel sooner rather than later. After all, they’ll be attending the D23 expo this weekend: seems like an ideal place to deliver some Civil War news.