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Here's the First, Full-Length Trailer for the Alan Turing Biopic

Alan Turing, the venerated WWII Nazi Enigma cracker and creator of the modern AI standard (whether or not it actually works), is getting the biopic treatment. And today, we're getting our first, full-length look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the father of computer science himself.


And from what we can see so far, the movie seems to be fulfilling all of our expectations. Or at the very least, one minute and 49 seconds of it will. So what do you think—can Cumberbatch pull it off? [Digg]

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Is the movie solely going to be about his war time efforts? I'm assuming that quip about him having more secrets than the best of them, is a poorly veiled referenced to his homosexuality. But it seems like the movie will skip over the whole having his balls cut off and suicide.

I will add that while it might be disingenuous how its presented here, I do like that Kira is there to be a female counter part, because those Bletchley Park ladies too were some amazing human beings.