The art of making candy will forever be associated with the dark whimsy of Willy Wonka’s magical factory, but a recent exhibition held during Vienna’s Design Week put a sweetly sophisticated spin on the process.

Lausanne, Switzerland-based Bertille Laguet and Mathieu Rohrer teamed up with Austrian brand Lobmeyr, family-run purveyors of super swanky chandeliers since 1823, to turn a high-class showroom into a makeshift lollipop production facility.

The project was part of Passionswege, which unites young designers with traditional manufacturers in the city’s historic industries to come up with new ways to play with old techniques.

Rather than using Lobmeyr’s refined tools to melt down grains of sand into crystal glass, Bertille and Mathieu turned the heat up on sugar granules to make their faceted treats. These were then apparently sold for a single euro to the pop-up’s visitors, making for a way (way) more affordable—and delicious!—take-away than an elaborate lighting fixture.


All images by Sam Dunne, courtesy of Core77