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Hitachi's 500GB Notebook Hard Drive Turns Your Laptop Into an Ultimate eBook Reader

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hitachi's upping the notebook 2.5-inch storage game to the 500GB level, which means that you'll have much, much more space to store all your eBooks and comics to take with you on the go. The Travelstar 5K500 will be available in 400GB or 500GB models, and have optional Bulk Data Encryption for drive-level security. It also has a power-usage level almost identical to its 5K250 predecessor, and have a 1.9 watt read/write power draw and a 0.7 watt low power idle.

In similar news, ASUS has also partnered with Hitachi to place 5K500s inside their upcoming M50 and M70 notebooks, and will have two inside the M70 for a max 1TB storage (striped). We're excited because we actually like taking all our data on the go with us instead of leaving it at home on a NAS.