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The Government's Latest Fireworks Safety Video Is Horrifying as Hell

Every year around the Fourth of July the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission puts on a graphic demonstration of why you should be really careful when setting off fireworks. The video of the demo arrived a little late this year, but if you’re a fan of horror movies, it was still totally worth the wait.


They’re just simulations, but watching these mannequins lose limbs, eyes, and their entire heads is beyond unsettling. By the end of this video you won’t even want to light a candle ever again.

[YouTube via Twitter - U.S. CPSC]

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The problem with all of this is that they aren’t really putting any scientific oomf behind it. That could at least use ballistic gel and a fake skeleton. They could at least use an abandoned house for the “homemade fireworks” demo. Etc.

You need to show REAL injuries, Too.

I saw a video of a guy that jumped off a roofline to a pool, and clipped his head on the edge. It haunts me 5 years later. He completely crushed and removed the entire area from his upper teeth to the top of his head. Both eyes were gone, his brain was exposed, and all that remained was his lower jaw and his tongue. And he was CONSCIOUS.

I will never, ever, EVER jump from an elevated area.

Same would probably go for real fireworks injuries.