Slo-Mo Footage of Fireworks Blowing Up a BBQ Is the Best Way to Spend the Fourth of July

You’re doing the Fourth of July wrong if you’re not spending it with lots of food, lots of fireworks, and lots of tiny flags. But if you’d rather just stare at your phone all day, director David Ma has combined all the requisite Fourth of July traditions into a slo-mo extravaganza of patriotic destruction.


Red, White & BOOM should be required viewing when the Fourth of July rolls around each year (it could potentially be the Summer version of A Christmas Story) and it’s one of the rare times when a sequel—many sequels—would be welcome additions. Will someone please shove a blasting cap into an ear of corn and point their smartphone at it? From a safe distance, of course.

[YouTube via Foodbeast]



Honest to God true story:

When I was 11, on 4th of July, 1985, my parents were having a party with friends and family coming over to light up some illegal fireworks.

My aunt arrives with a watermelon. Earlier that day, we had the news on and heard that watermelons were all tainted. Like, all the watermelons in the country. My aunt had no idea. Keep in mind, this is before the Internet and we were just lucky we happened to have the news on.

We did the only sensible thing. My parents bored a hole down the middle, lit an M-80, stuck it in, and everyone ran inside.

It was spectacular. (Tainted) Watermelon rained everywhere, and there was still pieces of watermelon stuck to the house when we moved out a couple years later. That, and the small country’s arsenal’s worth of illegal fireworks we had that day, made it by far the best July 4th I’ve ever had.

Lest you think my memory is wrong, here is an article from July 9, 1985 talking about the tainted watermelons.

Happy 4th everyone!