Homemade Bowling in Your Basement: Surefire Cure for Cabin Fever

Check out this homemade bowling alley, a clever setup consisting of lengths of very strong string, a few pieces of wood, and of course, bowling pins and a heavy ball.


Those of us living here in the frozen tundra who are intimately acquainted with the sport of tenpins have a hint for this creative basement bowler: there are 10 pins, not five. Nevertheless, quite a resourceful idea.

Build A Bowling Alley In Your Living Room [The Uber Review]



Real (wo)men play candlepin bowling. It's so hard that in the 127 years it's existed, no one has scored a perfect game. The current record is 245 points for a single string. Of course, it'll be hard to find a candlepin lane outside of New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Wyoming, Ohio. It's INCREDIBLY hard.