Hot Insectoid Fuzz Of The Dead

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Brit filmmaker Edgar Wright won millions of fans with his genre satires Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and now he's set his sights on science fiction. He's just finished writing an Ant-Man script, which may become his next project. In fact, he has a meeting about the film next week, so pray that the stars align and we get to see Marvel's tiniest (and most fucked up) superhero on the big screen. Find out more about the crazy love life and killer robot creations of the diminutive hero inside.

Henry Pym has had what can only be described as a "checkered" past in Marvel's history. After discovering a group of subatomic particles that he calls "Pym Particles," he uses them to shrink himself down to ant size and almost gets eaten by a nest of angry six-leggers. Later, he invents a cybernetic helmet that lets him control the ants (and other insects), and goes public as Ant-Man, leading swarms of insects into battle. It probably didn't help matters that his lab assistant Janet becomes The Wasp, and they later get married.

Henry later discovers that he can grow as well as shrink, and later becomes Giant-Man, then Goliath, then he went a bit mental and become Yellowjacket. He also created the robot Ultron who turned into a major baddie, and Ultron in turn created the android Vision to destroy Henry and the Avengers, but Vision ends up turning good. Oh, and the Vision's brain patterns were based on the then-deceased Wonder Man's, who was in love with Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. However, he returns (as all comic characters do) only to find out that Wanda and the Vision are romantically involved. Awwwwkward!


Pym laments the creation of Ultron constantly, has to deal with his wife leaving him, and in The Ultimates he's a prozac-taking crybaby who beats his wife. Boy, the Marvel writers sure love to beat up on this guy.

Anyhow, what's interesting about Wright's script is that it'll involve two Ant-Men, both Henry Pym and Scott Lang. Lang was a former thief hired by Stark Enterprises (nice work Tony) to help install a security system in the Avengers mansion (again, nice work Tony). When he daughter fell seriously ill, he stole Henry Pym's ant man costume and gear and busted out the only doctor (who was being held captive) who could help his daughter. Pym saw what he'd done, and let him keep the Ant-Man stuff. What a guy. Maybe he'd remembered his antidepressants that day.


Anyhow, Scott serves as Ant-Man for awhile, then later gets killed by Jack of Hearts. His daughter Cassie takes up the cause as Stature, although she can grow and shrink on her own, without the helmet. Apparently she'd absorbed enough Pym particles from being around her dad. Hope they aren't habit-forming. That left Marvel without an Ant-Man though, but rest assured that there's another one.

Enter Eric O'Grady, a low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who decides to steal Pym's Ant-Man gear when he finds it at his company's headquarters. You think that after it's been stolen once, they might keep things locked up a bit tighter. He parades around as The Irredeemable Ant-Man, although his title was canceled after 12 issues. But either he or someone in the suit will be back, because Marvel really loves to hate this character. Wright's film will probably feature some Ant-Man vs. Ant-Man showdowns, which we wouldn't mind seeing, especially with his irreverent sense of humor. Time to start inhaling those Pym particles.