How Would Have Looked in 1983

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Do you know what this is, dear Apple fanboys and haters? From the beige to the menu bar items to the Lisa Office or the iPhone, this 1983 take on's frontpage is pure genius. That's exactly what this is.


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Click to viewDave Lawrence, the author, explains:

Little project of mine: imagine in 1983. The Apple Lisa is new, the Mac is still a year away. It's imaginary, of course, considering the iPhone and Apple even hinting at the Macintosh publicly. Still... fun to imagine.


Fun to see too. I can't have enough of that "BASIC" in the menu items. [Flickr via Macmagazine—In Brazilian]

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Wow. I called tech support because my Lisa won't recognize my pin printer, and some "nerd-burglar" who calls himself "Woz" tried selling me a car!

That's, like, totally bogus!, I'm sure! Gag me with a spoon!