How Did NASA Manage to Make a Moon Bombing Boring???

Really? This was it? Some choppy footage and few dudes high-fiving in what we're pretty sure to be a Kinko's? This is what it looks like when Man bombs the moon at 5,600mph??

I mean, I'm all for science. ALL for it. Can't get enough of it. I'd marry it if i could—really—nd I'm married now. So that means I'd need to ruin my life my getting a divorce, then woo science, then drop all the cash on some destination wedding or something while trying to forget about that story science told me regarding the high school football team, vodka and one of those bottles of green ketchup.


But this mission should have been, like, the most ridiculously awesome thing we've ever seen. We rammed a whole Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) straight into our closest galactic buddy. And all we got was this stinkin' YouTube clip without the actual impact. (Even MailOnline is sobbing about it.)

NASA has a press conference later today, during which they'll share findings from the mission. It's possible we could get some better media then. And as an entitled taxpayer with a penchant flash and dazzle, I'm certainly hoping so. [LCROSS and YouTube]

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Did anyone seriously expect to see some cool fireworks and maybe a neato mushroom cloud or something? It's a nuclear weapon being fired against an object over 200 thousand miles away in the vacuum of space. All that matters is the data gathered.

This is what happens when we start allowing the eye candy of science fiction to set our expectations, then that pesky old practicality and efficiency gets in the way and dulls it all up.