How Long Can A Superhero Live For?

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Comic Books are home to immortal titans and vulnerable people alike (and, being comic books, they pop their clogs all the time anyway) - but while their fictional stories will last forever, how long would their actual lifespan be? This handy infographic covers how long a few of our favourite heroes would live for.


Heroes live dangerous lives in Comic Books, but what if they managed to avoid all that and just wait for the ravages of time to take them? Design By Soap whipped up this cool chart tracking the lives of a few heroes, factoring in their race, the life they've lead and, of course, their powers, to see how long they'd last. Some don't make it too far - poor Rick Grimes, currently 33 in the comics, is seemingly doomed to a short life - but then you've obviously got the immortal heroes like Ghost Rider or Thor, literal gods that will last forever. Check out the full, massive infograph below:

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All this discounts the inevitable times these heroes will be seemingly killed forever only to be resurrected a little while later, fine and dandy. You know, Comic books!

[via Bleeding Cool]

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