How Stuff Works Hosting Detailed Guide To Batman's Tumbler

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If you're a fan of the current crop of Batman movies (you probably are) then you either love or hate the new Batmobile, affectionately known as the Tumbler. If you're in the love camp, then you can now find out everything you'd want to know about the four prop cars they built for the films, including what engine they have and how they were constructed. The in-depth guide is even broken down into categories like the history of the project to how the makers modeled the shape, and makes a perfect Friday evening read. [How Stuff Works via Jalopnik]


Purple Dave


Think "large SUV". Not up there with the Hummer H1, but definitely in "drinks like a fish" territory.


The over-compensating shocks should take care of some of that, right?


Burton's vision was of a modern version of the comic book Batman (which Mask of the Phantasm and SubZero both trump). Nolan's is an Elseworlds Batman set in a world without superheroes, and where technology has to make a bit more sense.


It looks the coolest of the traditional Batmobiles, but it'd be very unroadworthy compared to the Tumbler. Heck, there are some parts of the US where potholes alone would make the Burtonmobile bottom out, and doing steep entrance/exit ramps on the freeways would be impossible.


I wouldn't expect to see any sleek Batmobiles in the Nolanverse. It's very much in the "form follows function" camp, so rugged is a good thing.