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How to Watch Hulu In Android In 3 Easy Steps [UPDATED]

Illustration for article titled How to Watch Hulu In Android In 3 Easy Steps [UPDATED]

Hulu isn't supposed to play on cellphones—the service doesn't have the licensing rights for mobile distribution. But about 5 seconds of settings tweaks in Android 2.2 "Froyo" (only on the Nexus One, for now) will enable Hulu streaming.


The method, as illustrated by Absolutely Android, merely requires you to type "about:debug" into the URL bar, select UAString (which allows you to change the user agent, or the identifying network protocol of your browser) and select "Desktop."


And apparently performance is pretty decent over Wi-Fi—at least according to one user who shared the experiences of a similar exploit on Android Forums. Once you get a decent buffer, the video plays back smoothly and even the subtitles are legible.

It will be interesting to see if Hulu deems the exploit worth their efforts to thwart, or whether they'll turn a blind eye as they sell a touch more advertising to the 20 dudes with Nexus Ones. [Absolutely Android via DailyTech]

UPDATE: Hulu has already blocked the trick.


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That's the end of my Hulu watching days. Hulu, what device I choose to watch your "web" service on is my choice. It makes no difference to you. It's like saying we will let you watch Hulu only on Dell computers, or only if I'm sitting down. If you meddle like this, goodbye.

Goodbye Hulu. You suck.