How to Watch Today's Apple iPhone Event (Now on YouTube!)

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Years ago an invite out to Cupertino was the only way to watch Apple announce new products. But if you’d rather not sit in a packed auditorium surrounded by hundreds of journalists furiously banging away on keyboards, there are now lots of easy ways to remotely watch Apple’s iPhone event later today.

Along with new versions of the iPhone that will possibly include an improved camera among other updates, today’s event could see reveals of a new iPad Pro, the next generation Apple Watch, improvements made to the Apple TV, a Bluetooth tracker that could give Tile some stiff competition, and potentially even Apple’s first foray into AR glasses.


The event promises to serve up a smorgasbord of new Apple gear to add to your Christmas wish list, and if you’d rather not wait for our expert analysis of everything being announced, you can hop on over to the Apple website’s official Events section and stream the proceedings—in Safari or other browsers like Chrome now— starting at 10 a.m. PT if you’re on the west coast, or 1 p.m. ET if you’re on the east.

Making things even easier is Apple’s decision to stream today’s event on YouTube, so it doesn’t matter what device you’ve got in your pocket or on your desk. Even your gaming console can now stream Tim Cook’s explanations of why your current devices are all outdated and in need of a pricy upgrade.

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Hopefully there’s a new phone that’s the size of the iPhoneX. My 6s is getting long in the tooth and I don’t want the iPhone xR size, so I hope they aren’t going forward with that as the “small” phone in the future.