HTC Shipping At Least Two More Android Phones This Year

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That's what CEO Peter Chou told attendees of a tech conference in Taipei, signaling that, beyond the Magic, the company has a few more tricks up its sleeve in '09. But what?


Unlike Samsung, with their similar "at least three" announcement a few months back, HTC has a track record here, but considering how short their Android line is now a redundant Magic/G1-esque handset seems unlikely. The most obvious new direction to take would be a BlackBerry-esque QWERTY phone, something that the OS is more or less ready to handle, and that desperately needs to be explored.

HTC hasn't dropped any real hints as to what these new phones will be, but the two month announcement-to-shipment precedent they've set with the G1 and G2, the number of promised handsets and this self-imposed nine month deadline means that we might find out sooner rather than later. The biggest question, of course: Will there be chins?[PCWorld]



What is the word on the carriers? I know T-Moblie has the one with the nice screen, according to gizmodo. What other carriers do/will carry android phones?