Samsung Promises 'More Than Three' Android Handsets By End Of Year

Illustration for article titled Samsung Promises More Than Three Android Handsets By End Of Year

Samsung's Android-less showing at MWC may not have been a surprise, but that's not to say that it wasn't disappointing. So what now? Samsung says "more than three" Android handsets are coming before 2010.


Head of Product Strategy Won-Pyo Hong says the Android units will ship alongside a LiMo handset, marking a serious shift in focus to Linux for Samsung. The company isn't spilling any more details for now, so we've really just got the words "Android" "Samsung" and "handset" to spark our imaginations. That, and the equivocal "more than three" thing—surely, "more than three" just means "at least four", right? [Reuters via Crunchgear]

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Any chance we'll get a CDMA device?