No, your eyesight didn't just spontaneously improve. Hulu rolled out its new web UI today featuring a noticeably larger screen and easier-to-use controls.

According to Hulu's official blog,

Today, we replaced our old video player with an update that's 55% larger. It has a new frame and a drop shadow and sits on top of a large, dark gray video matte for easy viewing. We moved all of the video details below the player and cleaned up the pattern and style for a cleaner, crisper look.


This is just a redesign, there's no new functionality to speak of (in fact, Hulu nixed the "Dim the Lights" feature while shuffling everything about), but it certainly is an effective one. All the info that used to ride the bottom edge of the player and draw your eye away from the action is out of your immediate line of sight. Really, the entire player page has become more usable than the train wreck it used to be. And when combined with Hulu's Face Match program, you might have a reason to watch Network Television again. [Hulu via Venture Beat via Slash Gear]

Here's all of the new screen


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