I Hope This Thing Isn't the Next iPod Nano

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This alleged picture of the next-gen iPod nano, AppleInsider says, is from the same Taiwanese blog that's leaked every one of the last six generations of iPod nanos. It's got a teeny 1.3MP camera, and no clip.


Which would make it totally worthless to people who just want a pint-sized iPod for exercisin' and totally awesome for—um, well I don't anybody who would think this is totally awesome. [Apple.pro via AppleInsider]



Oh I don't know, Apple fanboys still managed to think a postage stamp MOULTI TOUUUCH (whose only multi touch gesture would have been made redundant by an accelerometer, and you know was pretty much redundant anyway) touch screen was awesome despite the fact that the new iPad nano is in almost all respects a downgrade from last generations model. They'll find some way to spin this shitty camera (if it's real at any rate) into something incredible.