Like a tiny wooden spaceship, this two-story treehouse by the German treehouse design specialists at Baumraum is picturesquely perched over a pond, as if it's preparing for blast off.

Located near the city of Uslar, in Northern Germany, the treehouse is constructed from hemlock spruce beams (the same type of tree that surrounds the house) with a zinc-plated exterior. It's supported in the pond by 12 steel beams and connected to dry land with a bridge that's anchored by cables to the nearby trees.

As if it was possible to make this place even more amazing, this is an actual treehouse built for a kid: The owner wanted a place for his son and his friends to be able to play that was still close to the main house.


The interior is lined in that same beautiful blonde hemlock wood and has plenty of built-in nooks and crannies for storage, as well as cushioned benches perfect for tossing a sleeping bag over. Yes, that's a skylight in the roof for stargazing. When do you think this kid will invite me over to play? [Dezeen]


Photos by Markus Bollen for Baumraum