IceBar Waterproof iPod Nano Speaker Case Keeps Your Tunes Afloat

The iceBar moves the party stereo from the poolside into the pool, securely holding your iPod in a waterproof polycarbonate case. It floats, too, though it has a wrist strap if you're worried about it drifting off. The nano's clickwheel, power and mute functions are all accessible with the case on. The iceBar does have one drawback, though.

Sounds like it's a little bit of a battery hog since it burns through three AA batteries after 18 hours of continuous play. Still, if you have either the first- or second- generation nano and often find yourself poolside (and with people who share your taste in music), the iceBar might help get through the summer—that is, if developer Atlantic didn't have plans for their speaker case to be released this holiday season. The iceBar should cost around $70. [iLounge]


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