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If a Sega Saturn Joystick Could Transform, It Would Become This

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If the AllSpark came in to contact with a vintage Sega Saturn joystick, chances are that PlayStation owners everywhere would be consumed by this vengeful robo-insect.

Really, this controller-gone-bug is the work of Industrial Design student James Killinger. Using just three screws from an external source, he rearranged and reattached the joystick's parts to create this completely new form. (There's not even much fudging with mass since 70% of the joystick's original components are seen in the recreation.)


Now if only Sega had released the gruesome robo-insect controller in the first place instead of the typical version directly above, we might all be playing Sega Siis right now, and it would be Sony/Nintendo releasing all the Sonic games...somehow or other. [coroflot]