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iFart vs. Pull My Finger: The Battle for iPhone Fart App Supremacy

Illustration for article titled iFart vs. Pull My Finger: The Battle for iPhone Fart App Supremacy

The stakes are high. There can only be one true victor in all fart battles: fart tennis, volume contests, holding it in during school/funerals/weddings/sex, and now, in iPhone apps. Who will reign supreme?


iFart and Pull My Finger, the two gladiators, joined the App Store at around the same time, and both achieved some success. iFart eventually pulled ahead, but through some underhanded tactics, like using the phrase "pull my finger" in videos and publishing a review from the app's creator saying his own app is "better than Pull My Finger." (He justifies this by saying "Of course, I have the right to state my opinion, especially one I believe to be true!")

In response, the makers of Pull My finger, Air-O-Matic, asked Apple to step in and quiet the flatulent fighting, but Apple left the players to settle it between themselves.


After some tense discussion, Air-O-Matic demanded $50,000 for damages to their good name and their fine product.

iFart, led by the fearless Joel Comm, turned around and sued them for, presumably, being ridiculous, and will argue on the grounds that "pull my finger" is a phrase in common use and does not qualify for trademark status.

Official court documents can be found here (warning: PDF). We'll keep you updated on the situation as further news warrants, mostly because the entire thing is a laugh riot. [JoelComm via Crunchgear]

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