I'll Always Be Scared of a Lightning Bolt Striking a Plane

What is it about lightning bolts that make them so goddamn scary? Oh yeah, that crazy electrocution thing. Now imagine being in a plane—in the freaking air—and getting struck by lightning. That's what happened here.

An Airbus A380 was flying into London's Heathrow Airport and as the plane touched down, was struck by a lightning bolt from the stormy night's sky. The plane landed safely but my god, the horror, the horror.


I should try and get over my lightningstrikemyplaneophobia because we've seen it happen before and airline officials even say it happens multiple times a year. And pretty much all the time, everything is A-OK because planes can act as conductors and let the lightning's electricity pass through it. The bolt just keeps going its zippy way to the ground. Watch it:

Click to view But, but, but I don't give a damn how many times this has happened before. Lightning + striking a plane + you in the plane + being in the air is always soul gnawingly scary. [Daily Mail]

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