Okay, Microsoft's Gates+Seinfeld Power Hour spots didn't make a whoooole lotta sense, but they were enjoyable. The next round, "I'm a PC," was pretty good, even if it really kinda loses the war by acknowledging the damaging effects of Apple's long-running (and in the tooth) anti-Vista campaign. But the newest ad doesn't rely on a mix of celebrities and carefully curated regular people. No, it's a bunch of a lame YouTube wannabes proclaiming themselves a PC followed by a weird nonsequiturs. And some of them are downright creepy. The guy who opens the spot—and "likes the slimming effect of a purple striped shirt"—has the definite whiff of "serial killer," or at least "dresses up John Hodgman dolls in doilies for nightly tea parties." Justin Long comes off as a dbag in the Apple spots, but I'd rather hang (and compute) with him, since he at least won't cut me up into little pieces and feed me to his pet guinea pig Mr. Snuggles (probably not, anyway). And zebra chasing? Bling? Really? You had a good thing going, Microsoft. This all ends when Windows 7 comes out, right? [Alley Insider, Ad Age via Gawker]