In Which the Fujifilm XP10 Toughcam Mocks My Sedentary Lifestyle and I Tell It What's What

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Mountain climbing. Cliff jumping. Cross-country skiing. Those are the kinds of activities the XP10 would be great at capturing. But I stay in my pajamas until 4:00 PM and do not appreciate the XP10's implicit condescension.


Who do you think you are, XP10? Just because you're a 12MP point-and-shoot capable of withstanding 3-foot drops, 10 feet of water and 14-degree temperatures, you think you're better than me? Well, how about that 165-shot battery life, huh? Not much endurance there. Maybe you should work out a bit, get those numbers up. One-touch tagging for Facebook and YouTube? Oh, you mean for when you're plugged into a computer, indoors, while sitting still, just like eeeeeverybody else? That's not very active, now is it? And that fancy-sounding 5x periscopic internal zoom—we'll just wee how good that is when you're released this month. Your price is okay, at $200, but just don't start thinking you're such hot stuff. Because I can work out, and then we'll see. Then we'll see, XP10 Toughcam from Fujifilm. [Fuji]

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Capable of withstanding 3 feet drops? What is this for, Mini-Me's extreme sports activities? Even my iPhone can withstand a 3 ft drop. It is going to crack the screen, sure, but I can still snap that extreme 1 MP blurry picture of the rock wall at the sports store, err, I mean that serene alpine mountain summit.