Inflatable Meat Balloons Are the Perfect Decorations For Your Next BBQ

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Last week's cupcake-filled sausages put a damper on our appreciation of all things meat. But our mood has been considerably improved now that we've discovered these fantastic hand-made balloons that look exactly like cuts of meat. They've even redeemed sausages for us.

The incredibly unique decorations were created by a Chicago-based design shop called ODL for a New York-based butcher shop called Japan Premium Beef. Each balloon takes about three hours to make, including the painting process that turns the latex creations into believable cuts like porterhouses, t-bones, and filet mignons.


Unfortunately ODL doesn't seem to have any plans to sell the balloons to meat lovers. Which is sad because they'd make for great BBQ decorations, and would finally allow clowns to make anatomically correct balloon animals.

[ODL via CollabCubed]