Inside Jonathan Ive's Apple Design Lab

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The guys behind forthcomoing gadget design doc Objectified recently filmed Apple Chief Designer Jonthan Ive at work in his secret Cupertino lair. I am now even more excited for this movie.


Do you notice how incredibly clean this place is? I imagine aside from its rows upon beautiful rows of design stations and exotic prototyping tools, it must smell amazing in there. I don't know why but I'm picturing the greatest huffable atmosphere of new-gadget smell. Unfortunately, Objectified is not being released in Smell-O-Vision, but I can't wait to see the man leading Apple's design team in his element, which is a glimpse not many get to take; what other secrets lie within? We'll have to wait and see.


We brought you an exclusive look at the Objectified trailer earlier this month, and the premiere is now officially set for March at SXSW, with screenings in other major cities to follow. Check out more at: [Objectified]

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Greg Lloyd

I'm sure I'll hear some disagreement, but this man needs to be the new spokesman for Apple after Jobs officially leaves. He has a look, attitude, and overall persona that people want out of an Apple leader. Throw in the fact that he's young and presumably healthy, and you have the perfect mascot.

I'm not saying that he'll run the company, but instead act as Head Whizkid - which, I think, is something people want - not frumpy Phil Schiller again.