Intel Germany CEO Spills on Atom-Based Mini-Tablet iPhone

Illustration for article titled Intel Germany CEO Spills on Atom-Based Mini-Tablet iPhone

Through the fabulously true-to-life magic of machine translation comes word from that Intel Germany CEO Hannes Schwaderer has confirmed an upcoming, larger (more tablet-y?) "version of the iPhone" based on Intel's Atom platform. Supposedly, the beefier unit size isn't due to the Atom chipset, but to the previously rumored bigger 720x480 display.


This adds to past rumors of a mystery Apple device making use of Atom, though Schwaderer's supposed semantic choice calling it a "version of the iPhone" seems odd, given that Atom is designed more for UMPCs than traditional mobile devices. Also, too much bigger and it's not much of a phone-sized gadget anymore—more like a mini-tablet or as Jesus has called this particular phantasm, the Son of Newton. As always, we'll believe it when see it. [ via MacRumors]


@keronian: Are you kidding? It's even better in the pocket.

"Is that a mini tablet in your pants? Or are you just happy to see me?"