Intel Insists MacBook Air-Thin Ultrabooks Will be Under $1,000

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Intel and its Ultrabooks manufacturers have been finding it tough sticking to that sub-$1,000 promise, but what's this? Intel's mandated the minimum components cost will be between $493 - $710 for the 0.7-inch thick, 11 - 13-inch wide laptops?


If manufacturers wish to use the Ultrabook name and platform, and create a slightly fatter and larger laptop at 14 - 17-inches and 0.8-inches fat, the cost of components before being put together must be between $475 and $650. Whatever their size, this lithe beauties will all run on Ivy Bridge and will include Thunderbolt ports in their MacBook Air-like exteriors.

I suppose Intel's put the manufacturers over a barrel here—do they risk Intel's wrath by pricing the Ultrabooks at over $1,000 as rumored, or make a very thin (if at all) profit? I suppose we;ll find out in September, when Asus' UX21 (pictured) and HP's two laptops arrive. [Digitimes via Electronista]


Bs Baldwin

If the parts cost $475, selling a laptop for $950 should still give any manufacturer a healthy profit margin.