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Intel Sends in the iPhone Clones at IDF '07

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel showed off some intriguing devices today at the ultramobility keynote at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) Fall 07, and the most notable example was this strange-looking cellphone/portable PC, which is pretty much an iPhone clone running on Intel's Moorestown platform. More pics and context, post-jump.


If you're not familiar with Moorestown, it will be packing 45nm processors, and integrates the graphics, video and memory controller all in one efficient chip, sipping battery power so frugally that devices using it'll be able to go 24 hours on a charge.

This piece of vaporware appears to be a stretch iPhone, looking just like Apple's cellphone darling but twice as wide, giving you enough room for a virtual keyboard to slide in on each side without obstructing your web browsing. But sheesh, how is that sucker going to fit in your pocket? Looks like a rearview mirror. Don't expect to see this as a shipping product until at least 2009. [Anandtech]