Introducing the First Gizmodo Artist Series T-Shirt

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You guys kept telling us you wanted a Giz t-shirt. So here it is, the very first Gizmodo Artist Series t-shirt, designed by former Giz illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. It's available today from BustedTees for $20.

Here's the skinny. A few months ago we started the Gizmodo Artist Series, bringing on a new artist every month to contribute art for the site. Our first was illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. We loved her illustrations, and from the comments we saw, we got the feeling you guys did too. We wanted to commemorate the unique style she brought to Giz, and so the Gizmodo Artist Series T-shirt was born.


Wendy's shirt—the first in a series that'll hopefully include many of our guest artists—was designed in the vein of her art for our iPhone 4 review, a play on the sensational gadget marketing that follows so many product launches these days. We think it turned out great.


You can buy the t-shirt today for $20 over at BustedTees, but don't just put it on your to-do list to get around to later; we're only printing a limited number of the shirts, and when they're sold out, they're sold out.


So that's the Gizmodo Artist Series - Wendy MacNaughton t-shirt. We hope you like it. And we hope you'll snatch one up before they're all snatched up. [BustedTees]