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iPad 2 Just Got Super Cheap at Best Buy

Illustration for article titled iPad 2 Just Got Super Cheap at Best Buy

The best part about an imminent iPad 3 release? You can pick up an iPad 2 on the cheap. Best Buy's cutting $50 from the cost of Apple's soon-to-be-previous model tablet, meaning the price of admission for a 16GB Wi-Fi model is now just $450.


The caveat, of course, is that the next generation iPad is due as early as March 7th, and given Apple's pricing strategy in the past, the base model will likely cost the same $500 as it has the previous two generations. So while you're saving 50 bucks, you'll be giving up on some enticing rumored features like a faster processor, a near-retina display, and 4G connectivity for data plan models.


Your best bet? Hold off a few months until refurbished iPad 3s start hitting the Apple Store. They'll be the same level of cheap as Best Buy's offer, but with all the bells and whistles and Apple's full product warranty, to boot. And if you're a current iPad 2 owner? Here are a few ways to unload your dinosaur for top dollar. [Best Buy at AllThingsD]

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Buy a used one off Ebay/Amazon for MUCH cheaper. Yeah, the new one will have a better screen, faster processor, and crisper camera, but lets me realistic here, you're just going to use it to watch videos, browse the internet, and play "Angry Bird"-like games.

If I could find a cheap iPad 1 right now I'd pull the trigger.