iPad Projector Renders 3D Objects for the Naked Eye

Illustration for article titled iPad Projector Renders 3D Objects for the Naked Eye

Experimental design team Aircord Labs has released a proof of concept video demonstrating an iPad with 3D capabilities visible to the naked eye. The effect is achieved with a specially designed projector that beams images into a pyramid shaped screen.

Once projected, viewers can move around the floating imagery, almost as if they were real objects in space. At the moment, the design is very pretty to look at and very little beyond that. But it shouldn't be hard to imagine practical, fun applications. Think 3D blueprints for engineers, or getting a better look at a new pair of shoes before buying. Or, let's just be honest and admit this will be quickly adapted for porn. [Aircord Labs via CreativeApplications]


Ugh...Why do people HAVE to use the Ipad. This can be done with ANY screen....Any, even bigger ones to make the effect look even cooler...ugh this is just going to make people think the Ipad really is magical when stuff like this has been around for ages.

I had a saucer toy thing that was all mirror on the inside and if you put something on the inside is would appear above the saucer in 3D. OMG the Ipad is a good as a mirror saucer.