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iPad Version of Wall Street Journal Will Cost $17.99 A Month

Illustration for article titled iPad Version of Wall Street Journal Will Cost $17.99 A Month

WSJ has reported on itself by saying that "according to a person familiar with the matter," their monthly iPad subscription will cost $17.99 a month. Now, I'm no Yank, nor plan on buying an iPad, but that seems high, no?


That's about nine bucks more expensive than a monthly subscription to the dead trees version. Too bad print readers are a dying breed.

The WSJ article also addresses advertising on the iPad—apparently Time magazine will debut its iPad version with adverts from Unilever, Toyota, Fidelity Investments and three other companies, with each ad said to be setting them back $200,000 for the full first eight issues. Meanwhile, Wired magazine will offer a little extra something for advertisers who buy eight pages of ads for each issue—with video and "extra features" promised. Esquire magazine won't have any adverts in its debut issue, and will cost $2 less than the dead trees version. [WSJ]


UPDATE: Ok, maybe I was a little harsh on the WSJ. It has a circulation of 2m reportedly.

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$17.99 without a single ad, otherwise, pass. Oh wait, I couldn't give 2 shits about subscribing to the paper anyhow, I get my news online.

I splurge on a 50c newspaper when I need the actual paper to use as packaging insulation or to cover my floor when I paint.

I don't know much about the WSJ, but I know most papers make up for ALL production costs with advertising. The fee you pay for a subscription or newspaper stand is mostly a delivery/retail fee which partly goes to the delivery boy or shop. There's no excuse to charge for the paper...especially on a device that's already capable of reading the free version @!!!!!!!

This is one of the many reasons I no longer get cable. Why pay minimum $30/mo to sit through 50% ads? I get my local shows over the air, in HD, and everything else, I torrent. I guess their greed has caused them to miss out twice, because I no longer have to pay a single subscription nor look at a single ad. God, Piracy is Sexy.