iPhone 3.0 Features Slightly Clueless "Objectionable Content" Warnings

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Amidst all the great stuff in iPhone 3.0, there's bound to be a few oddballs that just aren't as impressive or useful as we'd like—for example, "objectionable content" warnings on such harmless apps as Shazam.


iPhone 3.0's new parental controls allow you to specify the age of the user, from 4+ to 17+, and offer warnings about apps Apple thinks its users might find objectionable. Oddly, one such app is apparently Shazam, the great multi-platform app that identifies songs picked up by the iPhone's mic. CNET speculates that the new parental controls might give Apple more freedom to allow more, shall we say, adult-themed apps into the App Store, but we wouldn't hold our breath. [CNET]