iPhone Explosions: The Inside Story

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Yesterday night we published a round up of all the known cases of alleged iPhone and iPod touch "explosions". Today we got a mail from a Tier 2 iPhone support agent, who had this to say about iPhone safety:

I'm a Tier 2 iPhone agent for Apple. I'd like to add that roughly one to two calls out of every thousand that I take deal with the battery "overheating".

Generally, this incident can be described as "uncomfortably warm", and I have not ever received or heard of a coworker receiving a call about someone being injured by the iPhone, including people too stupid to stop using their phones after the screen is broken.

We have a team of engineers whose specific jobs are to investigate any issues that could be classified as "Safety Issues". These Safety Issues are classified due to the injury of a person or a person's property from use of one of our products. Chargers catching on fire, batteries blowing up, or CD trays flinging CD's across the room and breaking your mother's antique vase would all be classified as safety issues.

We get tens of thousands of calls, 99% iPhone related. Zero Safety Issues.

So let's recap: According to this alleged Apple agent, one or two calls out of every thousand are about the iPhone overheating, but there have been zero iPhone-related incidents so far. Seems like the French iPhone "explosion" plague is just a stupid summer media craze fed by some stupid French people.