iPhone OS 3.0 Is Out

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As expected, the new iPhone OS 3.0 is out. You can click on the "Check for Update" button right now to get your iPhone updated. If you used the pirated 3.0 golden master, this update is exactly the same:

Just to let you guys know, the MD5 hashes for the newly updated firmwares are identical to those of the golden master builds distributed last week. Therefore, people with the GM build won't need to upgrade [in fact, iTunes won't let you because you are up to date] as they already have this file.

Note: If you have installed the Golden Master, you don't need to install this update because it's exactly the same file, byte by byte. That's why iTunes is saying your iPhone is up to date.

Click to viewWhen you are done, tell us your impressions. Do you find it faster when opening and closing applications? Does the typing feel more fluid? Do any of your applications need updates to work right? Please write your answers in the comments.



[Thanks traviscat for the heads up and crazylikeastraw for the MD5 hash comparison]


Update: Might want to hold off on the update for a little while, at least until the authentication server mess is fixed.