iPod Box Has Absurd Note Inside, No iPod in Sight

Illustration for article titled iPod Box Has Absurd Note Inside, No iPod in Sight

Picture this: daddy buys his daughter an iPod classic for Christmas. The elated teen opens the iPod box to find nothing but the ramblings of some douche who has read one of Oprah's recommended self help books, and/or wears a Che Guevara styled military hat. Jump for the festive note:

"Reclaim your mind from the media shackles. Read a book and resurrect yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple Store."


The device, which was purchased from WalMart, was taken back and a full refund given. WalMart claimed Apple were responsible for the mishap, though there is no word from Apple as yet. Either way, somewhere down the line, there is a great stinking dildo of a human being, replacing iPods with garbage ramblings. We understand he/she may have read a book, and thought they were rebelling against the system, but haven't they seen the Apple ad? Think different, man. Think different. We dig you. Seriously though, if capitalism is really getting to you, why not up and leave? It's the iPod we are really worried about. The poor thing is probably being tortured as we speak. Hang in there, buddy. Our fanboy love goes out to you. [TUAW]



@snathanb: That was a Zune, which adds to the assumption this happened somewhere on Wal-Mart's side.