iPod Touch Dissected, Analyzed

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While the iPod touch has been out for some time now, market-research firm iSuppli has finally completed their extremely thorough tear-down of the device. Because while Apple's name goes on the box, about a million other names comprise the hardware itself...most of which aren't exactly labeled "Toshiba" and "Samsung." We've listed the component price breakdown after the jump, because you really don't want to know.


The 8GB iPod Touch has these major component costs:

Flash Memory: $32

(by Toshiba)

Video-Audio Chip: $13

(by Samsung)

Other Memory: $12

(by Samsung)

Touch Screen: $44

(Broadcom - controller chip , Texas Instruments - video driver chip, STMicroelectronics- motion reorientation)

(Balda, Wintex, and Optrex do touch portions)

(while Epson, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, and Sharp Electronics can all handle the LCD portion)


Total Component Costs (we know this doesn't add up): $147, about 50% of the retail price, which is standard for iPods.

Add marketing, shipping, building costs, etc...and that's really not so bad. Trust me, having once worked part time in menswear, I can assure you that the real ripoff is that $300 sport coat you are wearing right now. [businessweek]

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@gamehendge2000: See, what happens is that the paper, toner, supplies, etc for the fax machine fall under the store supplies budget, the same as for the back-office machines, and the phone bill gets paid all at once, so it's in a different area of the P&L altogether. On a whole, it does cost the company money, but it's shifted around such that in a microcosmic scale it doesn't cost the copy center anything, hence the 100% profit.