Iran Is Selling Rainbow Toy Copies of America's Captured Drone (And Mailing One to Obama)

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Iran may not be able to reverse engineer the infamous RQ-170 Sentinel we somehow lost over there last year. But they sure as hell can make a kid-friendly toy version! What it lacks in stealth, it boasts in colorful fun.


The Iranian Aaye Art Group, a self-described "designer and manufacturer of artistic and cultural goods," is offering the Sentinel in 10 sassy colors, including gold, silver, and the Ayatollah's favorite, some sort of weird speckled salmon hue. It'll go great with your 1:144 scale model Osama-killin' chopper.

This is surely only the first of many collaborations between Iran and a chinese factory somewhere with regards to the captured Sentinel—let's hope the ones that actually fly are as zany and creative! No word on pricing, availability, or how much extra that fancy lucite stand will cost you.

Update: Hey look, this Iran being insane story just got more Iranian Insane! The Washington Post reports Tehran plans on mailing one of the toys to the White House, in response to the administration's demand that the Sentinel be returned. Or, as translated from Farsi, "Go fuck yourself."

Note: Google translates the name of the Iranian newspaper this gem appeared in as the Deprived Tribune. Can someone who reads Farsi check this out and confirm/deny the wonderfully apropos name?


Update: Giz reader and Al Jazeera producer Mateen writes in to clarify:

The Iranian newspapers name is better translated as "Tribune of the Oppressed" or "poor."


That makes a lot more sense. Thanks Mateen!

[Deprived Tribune via Crispin Burke]



Ok, that is pretty funny. You have to admit.