My word, Figma do love their Iron Man variants, don't they? Next up is the turn of the blinged up Mk XXI 'Midas' suit, the sort of ostentatious ridiculous you can only expect from someone like Tony Stark. But ostentatiousness aside, it makes for a pretty figure!

Okay so it's merely golden paint rather than actual gold plating — that would be wildly impractical for a figure and would also make it incredibly expensive — but even with that, this is still a pretty lovely figure.


The 18cm tall Iron Man comes with all the usual articulation figma are known for, as well as a variety of accessories: he comes with attchments to 'pop out' the wrist-mounted rocket launchers in each gauntlet, and a host of FX pieces to create other Tony firing off a volley of repulsor blasts or jetting off into the sky, complete with some extra 'open' flap pieces to attach to the figure's back while its in flight. Of course, you can't have a figure flying without a stand to help create all of Iron Man's elaborate poses, so there's one included. Hurrah!

The Figma Mk XXI is due for release in Japan in July for 8,800 yen, or around $73.



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