Photoshop experts of the world! Steve Richards claims that he took this impressive photo on his way from Cardiff, Wales, to Faro, Portugal. Somewhere in Europe, hidden in the landscape, there's a giant blue dragon.

Apparently, many people think it is a trick. He claims it's real, just overly saturated:

For the record, it is a photograph, of a real place, that I took on our flight from Cardiff to Faro.

The blue colour is from the water reflecting the sky and the white flecks are of course the clouds. The striking colours are thanks to running the original picture through Topaz Adjust 4.

Not that the above information will help anyone convinced that it's fake, but at least it allows me the opportunity to set the record straight for anyone willing to read this text.


I believe him. [FlickrThanks for Google Maps link, Simon!]

Update: But if you don't, you can check the Google location. See? It seems it's real.

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