Is This the Best New Look at the iPhone 5? (Updated)

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We're about as certain as it gets regarding something you haven't seen that the iPhone 5 will have a big 'ol screen. There's been prior evidence—and this might be more: a leaked screen protector and possibly-revealing case.

BGR spied the leaked case accessory, which briefly made an appearance on Case-Mate before they yanked it down. It corroborates what we already thought: thinner, wider, and imbued with what looks like a tapered, teardrop body. Oh, and is that an aluminum back I spy? I hope so.


Now let's consider that Case-Mate might just be guessing along with the rest of us—it's citing "inside sources," which is always a little eye-roll-inducing. But there's also a chance it knows things we don't, and slipped up today. Maybe it took down the images because Apple told it to. Maybe it took down the images because it pulled them out of its ass. We just don't know.

In addition to the case, an allegedly-real iPhone 5 screen protector appeared in the wild. Unearthed by Hong Kong tech site, the screen film also backs up the expectedly-widened home button. The dimensional difference looks to be the same illustrated by the leaked case from earlier in the month. We'll find out for sure soon! Very, very soon. [ via MacRumors, BGR]


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