It Burns! FX-Neo Mint Eye Drops Sound Excruciatingly Painful

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Eye drops were an important part of our CES toolkit while we stared at thousands of TVs in the desert. But these mentholated FX-Neo drops from Japan sound like the worst thing you could ever put in your eye.


The idea is that the blast of mint is supposed to freshen your eyes the same way it can freshen your breath when used in gum. But even putting the various chemicals (including several acids) responsible for that minty flavor in your mouth can lead to a burning sensation. So I can't even begin to imagine what that would feel like in your eyes. Probably an incomprehensible stinging sensation somewhere between shampoo and pure iodine.

Users claim the FX-Neo eye drops are effective at waking you up, but any shock to your body like that would be. And while they claim you get used to the sensation after a while, there's no way I'm willing to endure that breaking in period. They're available now in the US from Amazon for $12, and the idea that people are paying for the sensation of having their eyeballs burned out of their skulls just baffles me. [sante FX via InventorSpot]

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My eye doctor turned me on to Systane Balance eye drops. Said they're the best eye drops, both for contacts and just in general. Having used lots of different eye drops over the years with my contacts, I tend to agree. []